Lisa Diamond Rosenthal is like a chiropractor for your soul….she will get to the root cause of your mental, emotional and physical challenges and help bring you back to to your purest and healthiest state which you are meant to be in.  It’s like untangling your past so you can be in charge of re-wiring your future. This sets you free to do what it is you’re actually here to do.   


Working with Lisa was an experience like nothing I’ve ever done.  I opened myself to new possibilities with the hope of different outcomes and was even more profoundly affected than I could have imagined.  Lisa quickly identified obstacles I’ve been struggling with for many years..perceived shortcomings and hindrances.  I knew these things but couldn’t break out of the same cycle of self-perception.  The questions asked went further than I’d been asked before and so touched something much deeper.  And with the last part of our session I was later able to take what we’d done and discover entirely new ways of seeing old patterns.  I was amazed, and I am grateful.  With an open mind, new insights and emotional fresh air are possible.  Lisa is an exceptionally supportive, connected and compassionate guide in this process.     


Healing begins the minute you enter Lisa Rosenthal’s work space. One feels welcomed and seen. Her personality illuminates the room and you know you’re in good hands.  Lisa was introduced to me by another phenomenal healer. When I first went to Lisa, I was experiencing the negative effects toxins can have on our bodies. Not only has she rid my body of toxins, she is helping me rid my mind and body of negative, unhealthy emotions. One particularly life changing session included an exercise where I was able to release the grief associated with my dad’s passing very early in my life. That was an amazing release. Lisa is a great listener and one feels good about sharing their deepest thoughts. She allows you to express yourself fully without judgment. Each time I visit with Lisa, I leave much lighter than when I arrived. It’s more a visit because her work space is quite comfy. Lisa doesn’t leave you unsupported. She gives suggested reading materials and supplements if needed. Lisa Rosenthal is awesome at her life’s work.

Sara M.

I have been battling Chronic Lyme Disease and other related health issues for just about 7 years. I have seen more medical and naturopathic doctors, pain management professionals and health coaches than I care to count. I am here to say that Lisa Rosenthal has become one of the most essential people in what I have come to call “my health and wellness team”. 

Lisa has helped me pin point emotional blocks which prevent my healing and has helped me release them. She provides recommendations for holistic therapies, meditation techniques even recommends books for support and to get a much deeper understanding. And that is just naming a few of the great things.

It is difficult to fully express how much of an impact Lisa has had on me in this letter, (rather it would would be a chapter in a book) but I can say that her space has become a sanctuary that I look forward to visiting. She helps me stay connected to my power and purpose within all of my challenges, and has done so in the gentlest yet truthful way. She provides the perfect balance of objective perspective and deep connection and understanding to one’s journey – what ever it may be. 

I leave calm, focused and hopeful. 


Lisa has helped me tremendously.  I started seeing her during a long chronic illness that I just was not healing from. I knew I had many blockages, traumas and personal circumstances that were just so overwhelming while also dealing with my physical sickness, that I needed some help.  I tried conventional  psychotherapy and after a few months I knew it was not for me, nor helping any. That’s where Lisa came in. I find Lisa professional, caring and compassionate. I was able to communicate my feelings and circumstances freely and comfortably with her and she made me feel at ease and safe. With Lisa’s expertise we were able to pinpoint some problem areas and then she was able to help work through them with her great knowledge of cutting edge energy work. This is a solution driven process. We were able to find solutions and apply them with real tools, something very different then just talk therapy. I have since been getting better and better physically and emotionally and better equipped to get myself out of the hole I was in. I do feel better than I have in five years. The whole process actually is amazing to me how well it works and I am a bit cynical, but willing to give anything a try. I have highly recommend Lisa to quite a few others and I will continue to do so. She has been a godsend to me and I am very grateful that I have met her.  


An appointment was gifted to me by a dear friend.  I can’t say I really understood how Lisa’s methods could be different then all the therapy I had experienced in the past, so I remained open to all possibilities.  First, Lisa’s energy is beautiful and energizing.  She is extremely bright, caring and intuitive.  She carefully listened to everything I said and even heard/saw things I didn’t know how to explain. 

I’m a physically healthy & fit 50+ man who has battled with sadness and depression my entire life.  I have been in therapy on and off for decades with decent results.  When I met Lisa she first asked me a series of questions that evolved with each answer and about halfway through the questions, it hit me me to the core. These incredibly intuitive questions took me on a journey down a road that I never knew existed for me (questions that all the highly regarded licensed mental health professionals had never asked or considered asking).  Once Lisa got to what I now consider my true underlying issues, she/we began addressing them and I released a torrent of tears over the next hour. (I’m not a man who believes that crying = weakness, but prior to this day I cannot recall the last time I cried beyond the births or deaths of loved ones). 

Can I say my sadness was suddenly gone? Can I say from that day forward the underlying sadness that I lived with, no matter how good I felt was no longer there?  Can I say from that day forward (now 8 months ago), I no longer feel the sadness? YES YES!! YES!! YES!!  Do I miss this sadness? HECK NO! Not one minute of it.

I’m now understand how Lisa is different because I feel so incredibly fortunate every day for this new quality of life!  I will be flying back to NJ this summer to work on one other issue I can’t seem to overcome in my traditional therapy.  Life is Beautiful.    


 “He sat up / listening to music drumming and singing the whole way home.”
As spoken by a parent after her son’s appointment with Lisa.  

Parent of chronically ill child